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She Lives in Our Hearts—Our Most Beloved Teacher: Lotika Sarkar | A by Dr. Amita Dhanda

March 11, 2013
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Professor Lotika Sarkar, 91, a widely-known pioneer in the fields of law, women’s studies and human rights, passed away in New Delhi on February 23, 2013. She taught criminal law and conflict of laws at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi and was an active member of the Indian Law Institute. She was a....

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Opinion on the Pending Question posed in the Explanatory Note to the Working Draft of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act and the Memorandum on the Disability Code by Prasanna Pincha

December 31, 2010
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A brief note This brief note contains my reflections against the backdrop of an on-going debate on whether there should be only one comprehensive legislation or one common/comprehensive legislations and other specific legislations on disability rights. The signed opinion of Justice A P Shah retired Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court is the recent....

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The Helping Hand of Law: Dr Amita Dhanda

October 25, 2010
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Picture this… You are in ancient Greece. You have your own mansion, and a business you mind. You stay out of discussions on politics, you keep to yourself and you rarely interfere with the way things are going or not going in society. Such behaviour would earn you a nickname. Not of a recluse, or....

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